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GBIA Video: Raymond Yowell, Lee, NV, Indigenous Environmental Network

At the Indigenous Environment Network (IEN) meeting in Lee, NV on May 8, 2006 Raymond Yowell spoke of the Western Shoshone’s struggle with the United States. He recants the audience with the history of the Shoshone people explaining the various groups which belong to the Shoshone Nation before the United States re-organized them. Furthermore, he describes the methods which were applied towards the Western Shoshone in relation to land ownership. He goes on to tell the audience about the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Claims Commission court proceedings, and the appeals which took place at the international level in the U.N. courts. (GBC VHC Description, 08/23/2017)

One Minute Video Clip

Full Video

Transcript (PDF)

Last Updated: 6/7/21